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Coach SuccessBI One-on-one Coaching

Reach Higher than you’ve ever reached before.

Coach SuccessBI One-on-one Coaching

Coach Success Behavior Intelligence coaching

Become intelligent about the neuroscience of behaviors.
Your own Behaviors and that of others.

Become a leader in your community by overcoming your own limitations. To be coached yourself is to acknowledge the value of your coaching for your clients. Whether you are a Life coach, Business coach, or Executive/Leadership coach you can benefit from uncovering your limiting behaviors and blind spots that are getting in the way of your success.

To be successful as a coach is no different to any other career or business. You need to do the things that are required to succeed. Your behavior is critical to your success as a coach. The tools and systems make much more sense when you have experienced these for yourself.

AccuMatch and Behavior Intelligence is founded on 
decades of research and studies with thousands worldwide.
You are are judged on your behaviors first and results second. 
Your knowledge and skills are secondary to your behaviors.



Get the types of breakthroughs for yourself that you want for your clients.
Learn through your own experience by being coached yourself.
You’ll be exposed to many of the coaching systems and tools that are available to AccuMatch certified coaches.

ONE-ON-ONE Coaching

Work with a master coach on yourself by yourself. Learn and share experiences with other coaches.


  • Identify and acknowledge your own limiting behavior.
  • Expose blind spots that are getting in the way of your success.
  • Learn from feedback from those around you.
  • Work through 12 weeks of:
    • Self-awareness
    • Neural conditioning
  • Strengthen desired behaviors.
  • Get past your blind spots.

Your 12 week package includes

  • 12 Weekly sessions
  • Self assessment using AccuMatch neural behavior map
    • Once before you start
    • Again at completion of program
  • Your discovery process to expose behaviors
    • Limiting behaviors
    • Blind spots
  • Feedback surveys
  • Tools to help you build out success coaching behaviors
  • Systems and methods proven to help coaches succeed

Nagui Bihelek

Founder and CEO Nagui’s entrepreneurial career started from an early age. Since then he has founded over a dozen business ventures and has led projects up to $200M. Nagui continues to be a caring and engaging thought leader with a strong passion about human behavior. Through better understanding of behavior the world can be less judgmental and more understanding.

When will my coaching start?

As soon as you registration is received. Nagui or someone from our office will contact you to schedule a startup debriefing where you can discuss your schedule and your desired goals. Nothing will happen until this is done.

Who am I coaching with?

As Nagui Bihelek is the instructor selected for these programs, you will in fact be coaching with our founder. So, you’ll be receiving first hand experience with how these programs were intended to be delivered.

Will I be with others or by myself?

As this is a One-on-one (101) coaching program, it will just be yourself.

How do I coordinate my schedule?

During the on-boarding debrief referenced above you will engage in the scheduling process to ensure timezone are taken into consideration, including daylight saving time changes – should these fall on your regular spots.

What happens if I am away or need to reschedule a session?

There is allowance for some flexibility within the scheduled times, and these can be discussed with your coach as needed from time to time. Please keep in mind to allow at least 2 business days.

Once you have completed you registration for this coaching program. Nagui will contact you to schedule times suitable for your weekly sessions.