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AccuMatchBI Certification 30

Revolutionize Your Coaching Through The Neuroscience of Behavior Intelligence!

AccuMatchBI Certification 30

AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence course

By taking this AccuMatchBI course, you’ll not only learn how to read and interpret the AccuMatch Behavior Response Map (BRMap), you’ll also get the added training to reach a new level of understanding and observing behavior we call “Behavior Intelligence” (BI).

BI is the ability to observe behavior without judgment. The art of observing without judging is a coaching skill that is fundamental to removing prejudice from a coaching session with a client. Eliminating the need to impose one’s own rules onto others. Being able to access information about how someone responds to specific triggers they encounter in their  day, by mapping their neural-networks. This neural-pathways are what their brain has created that is observed as an automatic unconscious response. This course will teach how to become that by leveraging the insights gained from the BRMap.



Access all 6 Modules and 38 lessons to complete your AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence training.


Once you have watched your videos, make sure you attend the weekly webinars designed to prepare you to complete your certification. Your final step of your certification is to debrief 2 AccuMatch Behavior Response maps with one of our Trainers or certified Master coaches.


  • Able to access AccuMatch assessments management system.
  • Issue assessments and access reports.
  • Overlay multiple individuals on same graph.
  • Interpret individual behavior traits.
  • Interpret combination of behaviors.
  • Work through implications given the user’s context.
  • Access marketing material designed to help you promote your newly gained certification.

Package includes 3 months

  • Access to weekly exclusive coach webinars
  • Access to cataloged recordings
  • 30 assessments included, 5 / month for 6 months.
    Unused assessments expire each month, and new ones assigned.
  • Access to exclusive social media community

Module 1 : An Introduction to the Basics

All the background information you need to know about what makes Coaching with Behavior Intelligence the new key that unlock your client’s success. We’ll cover:

  • What you can expect from the BI program and from the certification.
  • We’ll take a look at the website so you know where to find things easily, as well as a quick who’s who.
  • A quick overview of the AccuMatch Behavior response Map.
  • And, next steps.

Approx 1hour.

Module 2 : The Task related behavior traits

In this module we’ll go through some of the important behavior traits that show up without our knowledge. Unconscious automatic responses. The AccuMatch Map shows the behavior responses to these situations, context.Picking the i’s and dotting the t’s of how each trait shows up when presented with a task, how to coach someone through it, and examples and scenarios.

Approx 1hr. 10min.

Module 3 : The Neural Pathways at play

Understanding the neural networks that we’ve developed as a result of years of conditioning means looking beyond the map. The map exposes you to information which enables you to focus your skills as a coach with the laser precision of a surgeon. This modules looks at a number of different models that help understand the automatic responses that show up as a result of how the brain has been wired and conditioned.

Approx 50min.

Module 4 : Traits related to how we process

Our behaviors are nothing more than triggered responses to specific circumstances. We take input from the world around us, process that and respond accordingly. In this module we explore some of these key processes so you can uncover the thinking that produced the responses observed. So you can become an observer rather than a participant. So you can apply the right methods, tools, and weild your coaching skills with a high degree of accuracy.

Approx 1hour.

Module 5 : Condition that inspire and excite

A lot of what we are observed doing comes from our thoughts, our values and beliefs. Learning how to expose the underlying foundation behind the unconscious responses helps you as a coach to dig deep to uncover these. To enable significant breakthrough as a result.In this module we take a look at the remainder of the 49 traits mapped so that you can appreciate the conditions that inspire and excite your client into action.

Approx 55mins.

Module 6 : Putting it all together

To conclude this first part of your journey to become a certified coach in AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence, we’ll cover a number of things that bring it all together for you, and we’ll add important things like:

  • How to interpret combinations and how to coach these.
  • What team maps mean to their level of engagement and interaction, conflict and more.

Approx 55mins.

Nagui Bihelek

Founder and CEO Nagui’s entrepreneurial career started from an early age. Since then he has founded over a dozen business ventures and has led projects up to $200M. Nagui continues to be a caring and engaging thought leader with a strong passion about human behavior. Through better understanding of behavior the world can be less judgmental and more understanding.